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Promoting workplace communication

Bump is a desktop application that helps create deeper connections through easy and meaningful conversations between managers and direct reports

4 UX Designers

Lead System Designer, User Research, Wireframe, User Flow, Persona, UI/UX Designer

2 Weeks

Desktop application

Clickable high-fidelity prototype
Key features of MVP includes emotion tracker, message optimiser & schedule integrator


This project started when we found out that Singapore has one of the unhappiest workforces in the world. A study was conducted by Employment Hero on 1000 employees and 48% of them said that they were unhappy and would not recommend their job to others.

As an Asian society, we are taught to prioritize work and not our feelings. Ironically, this behaviour affects our ability to communicate effectively and leaves us disconnected at work.


Singapore is the unhappiest workforce in the world


Inability to communicate emotions effectively due to local culture


Make workplace conversation easy


Convey message clearly

To create a mobile application to help users decide on food better and also to plan a meal with their friends easily


Understanding landscape

We learned that in Singaporean society, people prioritize work over their emotions. This leads to the inability to communicate effectively and makes them disconnected at work. 

Communication breakdown happens the most between managers and their direct report. Managers affect employee retention by shaping the employee experience and building engagement. 

Communication breakdown happens the most between managers and their direct report


50 - 75% employees leave due to their manager

What can disconnected employees do to a business?

Business opportunity

Market analysis shows that 50% of employers are looking to ways on how they can improve the mental well-being of their employees. A great chance for Bump to step into the market

Understanding Users

Through user interviews, we wanted to find out the barriers that impede effective communication. We interviewed 4 managers and 4 direct reports.

Preference for in person check-ins as it is faster and has a lower probability of misinterpretation.

Managers and direct reports are unsure about how to talk to each other and there is a fear of message rejection and escalation.

Direct reports also spend considerable effort on phrasing. 

Check ins are highly task oriented in nature, discussion on feelings are deprioritized and only done when there is time.

Managers try to be tactful with their feedback when errors are not critical/urgent but fail to do so when under stressful situations. 


Andrew, 45

Manager, Singapore

Pain points

”I want a platform that helps me understand my direct report's emotions more effectively and gives me the tools to construct feedback that is appropriate for their needs.“ 

Karen, 26

Direct Report, Singapore

Pain points

I want a platform that can help me navigate complex discussions more effortlessly“ 

User Flow

Both Manager and Direct Report might fall out at craft message as they have to think of message and emotionally prepared

Key insights

Managers need tools or resources to help them frame feedback in a way that is conducive and constructive because the process of framing feedback can be mentally taxing for managers

Direct Reports need an easy way to reach out to their managers and talk about their feelings because they are often hindered by their fears of not knowing how to communicate with their managers.


How might we?




Minimum Viable Product

Feature 1: Pulse - Track employees emotions

Feature 2: Message Optimiser - Help draft effective messages
Feature 3: Schedule Integrator - To streamline meetings 

Data Analytics

Leverage on Pulse’s tracking mechanism to better break down data and get actionable insights from both direct reports and managers

Working Styles

Interactive content to helps you gain a better understanding of yourself, which in turn helps others better understand you

End Goal

Content resources that help individuals navigate a diverse workplace.

One-stop solution for building strong interpersonal relationships in the workplace

Minimum viable product features

Feature 1: Pulse feature

All employees will receive a pulse prompt when they turn on their computers. They are free to change their ratings throughout the day.

When pulses are consistently low (<2) for a week, they will receive a nudge suggesting to speak with their manager/direct report.

Allows both sides to update their feelings in an easy fuss-free way.

Feature 2: Message optimiser

Users can choose the kind of tone that they would like the message to be written in.

Prompts are provided to help structure thoughts and make feedback more constructive.

Allows managers to frame their feedback in a conducive and constructive manner.

Feature 3: Schedule integrator

The app would be ideally integrated with Microsoft Teams/Outlook Calendar and can suggest the earliest timing for both parties. 

Users are free to choose another time if they prefer. 

Removes potential roadblocks/chances for procrastination

Process & Testing

Process of Pulse


Low fidelity wireframe

Testing of Pulse
Users felt that Pulse was intuitive and functional to track their emotion

Mid fidelity wireframe

High fidelity prototype

Process of
Message Optimiser


Low fidelity wireframe

Testing of
Message Optimiser

Users were made to write a message without Message optimiser.

All users felt that using the message optimiser reduced stress when writing a message

Mid fidelity wireframe

High fidelity prototype

Test findings

Time taken to draft a message
Both managers and direct reports took significantly less time to craft a message with the message optimiser

Less difficult to convey their thoughts
Both managers and direct reports found it easier to convey their thoughts into crafting a message

Both managers and direct reports prefered to use the message optimiser

System Usability Score
Score of 85/100 for SUS meant that app was effective and easy to use

Systems Design

Created a detailed system to handover to engineers. All information about the application could be found in this system.

Key learning points

Testing my app better

How could I test my app to prove my hypothesis and solutions wrong, rather than validate and justify why my answers are right. Key in finding more opportunities or solutions to further improve the app