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Food discovery made fun

Dishcovery is a mobile application that helps users discover new restaurants, cuisines, and dishes. The app uses a combination of location data, user preferences, and reviews to provide personalized recommendations to users.

2 UX Designers

User Research, Wireframe, User Flow, Persona, UI/UX Designer

2 Weeks

Mobile application

Clickable high-fidelity prototype
Key features of MVP include 'Food Selection' feature and 'Planning with Friends' feature


This project started when I asked a friend what we were having for lunch. There were simply too many restaurants to choose from. When there are hundreds of options, it can be overwhelming to try and pick just one. Everyone also has their own individual taste preferences when it comes to food, so it can be challenging to find a place that satisfies everyone's palate.

Choosing a restaurant can also be hard if you're eating with a group of people who all have different opinions or are indecisive. Trying to make everyone happy can be difficult and time-consuming. This led to the second key feature which was planning a meal with friends and choosing a place where everyone could agree on.

Overwhelmed by the many choices that I have to choose from


Trying to make everyone happy can be difficult and time-consuming


Make food decision-making fun


Plan and decide with friends easily

To create a mobile application to help users decide on food better and also to plan a meal with their friends easily


Understanding Users

To understand the process and pain points of how people find new places to eat in Singapore.

Affinity map to synthesize and gather trends from user’s response.

Finding a new place difficult

Choosing a place with friends a hassle

Usually goes to a familiar place when unsure of where to eat

Uses multiple social media/apps to discover new places






How might we


Comparitive analysis

Using Tinder’s swiping feature as it is deemed as a fun way to explore, select and reject food options.


Feature 1

Swiping left to reject option and swiping right to like option. Users can view their likes in the top left 


Low Fidelity Wireframe

Screen to add events

Feature 2

Users can create an event an plan their meeting with their personal preferences. Users then can vote on a place, removing all the fuss on planning a meal


Low Fidelity Wireframe

Screen to add events

Screen to vote for food choice

Test & Iterate

Swiping might be a popular funtion but users needed an onboarding to get familiar with the application

Clearer Navigation
Users were not familiar with the button, titles were added and highlighted the page users were at.

Clearer Groupings
Users thought the groupings were a list of food. Broke the groupings in different headers